Recent Projects

  1. Beginning Teachers
    Beginning Teachers
    Beginning teachers benefitted from focussed QUESSIE professional development sessions that shared effective questioning skills used to effectively stimulate and challenge learners across multiple curriculum subject areas.
  2. Student Engagement
    Student Engagement
    Teacher Aides were empowered with student engagement techniques related to effective questioning. Teachers reported increased student engagement with a subsequent upswing in teacher aides' work satisfaction.
  3. Introducing STE(A)M
    Introducing STE(A)M
    Teachers were amazed when QUESSIE outlined how targeted questioning brings Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics into everyday lessons. Subtle changes can equal significant differences!
  4. Numeracy & Questioning
    Numeracy & Questioning
    QUESSIE was asked what part effective questioning played in quality numeracy lessons. QUESSIE provided a whole school framework that gave a clear direction.